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Cybersecurity Automation and Its Effect on Job Security

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In the market today, the role of security analysts and demands for them have evolved. With a substantial influx of complex data for human operators to process and determine all aspects of security, automation is the term that is becoming increasingly common in the cybersecurity environment. Computers are being used more and more to help […]

What Cybersecurity Threats Do You Need Protection From?

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It is really amazing when you think about how much data people put on the internet. From credit card information and online shopping to very personal information on social media, and even information as simple as emails between colleagues and conversations in chat rooms like Whatsapp. Needless to say, there is a lot to worry […]

How to Measure the Return On Investment (ROI) in Your CyberSecurity Environment

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The main concern of a business executive is a company’s profitability. Every day corporate executives make decisions where to invest company money by comparing the costs and benefits, seeking to understand their return on investment (ROI). Finding ways to keep cost down while getting the most out of your protection against cybersecurity breaches is a […]

How to Figure Out the Best Tools For Your Company’s Security Team

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With a gigantic number of security alerts and threat intelligence to manage, it seems like an impossible task for managers to get a complete and accurate view of all cyber attacks. It has become almost an impossible task to manage risk. There is simply too much information to collect, organize, and analyze. What do you […]

What Can We Learn From the Recent Ransomware Attack?

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Last Friday, a devastating wave of ransomware known as #WannCrypt or #WannaCry spread to over 200 countries. In terms of a number of infections, the country that got hit the hardest was Russia. The United Kingdom, Spain and other countries saw damage to their National Health Service. Hospitals had to unplug their computers to stop […]

How Does The New Executive Order Effect Tomorrow’s CyberSecurity?

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An important first step in improving the nation’s cybersecurity was taken by the President last week.  On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on strengthening the cybersecurity of federal networks and critical infrastructure. The most important highlight of this executive order is that the President will hold heads of executive departments and agencies […]

SOC vs CSIRT… What is the Difference?

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  CyberSponse’s staff constantly get asked about the features that strengthen different cybersecurity organizations.  As a Security Orchestration Automation Response (SOAR) company, we understand better than anyone that an effective cybersecurity organization consists of the right mix of people, processes, and technologies. If you work in cybersecurity, you have most likely heard of the two […]


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