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A Guide to Creating an Incident Response Plan

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Cyber security is one of the direst threats facing modern businesses today. Global cyber-crime damages are set to exceed $6 trillion each year by 2021. Despite the growing threat of cyber-attacks, more than half of businesses that suffered an attack didn’t anticipate any changes to their security measures for next year. Increasing cyber-attacks will help […]

Did You Know That 30% of SMEs Lack an Incident Response Plan?

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With the number of cyber-attacks reaching well above tens of millions on a daily basis, cyber security should be at the top of mind for nearly every modern business. However, a new report released by Experian shows that this simply is not the case, especially when it comes to small and medium enterprises. But why […]

Are Innovative Technologies Improving Cybersecurity Defense or Adding to the Problem of Staying Prepared?

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There is certainly something to be said about having the proper systems in place during a cyber-attack. Sophisticated monitoring tools can help to identify a breach before it gets out of hand, advanced diagnostics will aid in classifying just how critical the attack could become, and semi-autonomous security measures can execute a proven solution to […]

Did You Know Employees Are the Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity?

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We’ve seen the headlines featuring massive security breaches, state-run hacking attempts, and ransomware plagues spreading across the industry like, well, the plague. And while the most sensational headlines typically involve infiltrating an ironclad security system or an enormous and well-funded team of insurgents, the truth of how hackers are able to penetrate your system is […]

Top 3 Cybersecurity Risks to Be Aware of

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While cyber-attacks used to be confined only to government agencies or corporate giants, modern cyber terrorists are hardly as discriminating. In fact, about half of all cyberattacks usually end up with small businesses in the crosshairs. Part of the reason behind this trend is that small businesses are typically less secure than bigger names in […]


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